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over $40 Million in Sales!

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WE ARE THE TOP BUYER FOR RARE COINS IN THE COUNTRY! Our Chief Coin Buyer, Greg Krill, has been trading in Rare Coins for over 35 years and has a strong national reputation as one of America's leading dealers. (See the About Uspage).


From  CENTS to $50.00 GOLD PIECES, we have thousands of customers across the country who are continually asking us for nice coins to ad to their collections! We buy coins in ALL price ranges; we have bought many coins in excess of $100,000.00 each!


WE BUY: Silver Coins, Silver Dollars, Gold Coins, Rare Dates, Sets in Albums, Rolls, Bulk Coins, Certified Coins, Investment Portfolios, Proof & Mint Sets, Foreign Coins, Paper Money, Tokens, and Medals.


(*Note: Do NOT CLEAN your coins, even if they are tarnished . This will REDUCE THE VALUE.)