Celebrating 35 Years and
over $40 Million in Sales!

National Treasures
Estate Buyers

Diamonds & Gems

We Buy Diamonds and colored Gemstones in all sizes, qualities and price ranges. Our main diamond buyer, Rob Chramosta, attends many of the largest jewelry trade shows in the United States and has a broad knowledge of and many customers for the gemstones we buy.


ONE BIG DIFFERENCE that you, the seller benefits from when selling to National Treasures Estate Buyers is that we buy Diamonds in all price ranges for general inventory. Many companies only buy your Gemstones if they have a customer for them or they only take them on consignment. We BUY OUTRIGHT and PAY IMMEDIATELY.


WE BUY DIAMONDS: Mine-Cut, European-Cut and Modern-Cut Diamonds, Round, Pear, Oval, Marquis, Princess, Heart, and Emerald-cut Diamonds. We buy diamonds 5 carats and up, Colored Diamonds, even Diamonds that are chipped or broken. We buy Diamonds that are loose or set, Certified or not.


WE BUY COLORED GEMS: We buy quality Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, other types of colored Gems, and Pearls. We buy Gemstones loose and set.