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Gold & Platinum

At National Treasures Estate Buyers WE PAY THE MOST for GOLD and PLATINUM. WHY? Because we have developed many different markets and customers all over the country for selling gold and platinum in all of its forms. We cringe when we hear the stories every day of people who send off their precious metals in the mail to those "Other Companies" and receive far less than a fair price. Bring in your items to us today and compare!


WE BUY: Coins, Bars, Nuggets, Old Jewelry 
(any condition, 9Kt, 10 Kt, 12 Kt, 14 Kt, 18Kt, 22Kt,
24 Kt ) and all purities of Gold!, Dental Gold, Pens, Watches, Medals, Industrial Gold and Platinum, Platinum Crucibles, Platinum Thermocouple Wire. NOT SURE?  Let us check it out.